Monday, July 21

In the dark

I hate sitting around in the dark, not doing anything. Nothing ruins your day like a kick-ass headache (did we make it to migraine status today? Perhaps we're merely at Orange alert). Everything I like to do requires vision of some kind -- TV, books, HTML -- and these are precisely the kind of activities I should avoid while dealing with the little men trying to axe-pick their way out of my head. I can't sleep because it fucking hurts, but I can't do anything either. I've never been able to adequately describe what my headaches are like ("Is it like a band of tension around your head?" is my favorite question. What the hell does a band of tension around your head feel like?), but I bought a novel once solely because the protagonist had migraines: "All I wanted was for my senses to stop receiving signals from the world, and for everything to come to an end."

Yeah. That's it. More or less.

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