Saturday, July 26

Married to the mob

My task today is to "take care of da boyz." Now, it's true, neither Jen nor Pam gave these instructions with an Italian-mobster accent. Regardless of reality, this is what I heard. In the altered world of Jen, walking step-dog Sam and step-step-dog Jasper has somehow taken on dangerous and somewhat exciting overtones.

I leave the house, carefully scanning both sides of the street for dark cars with tinted windows. I keep the dogs on a short leash, making sure no one gets near the beloved pet of "The Finger-Breaker" (Pam) or "Mad-Eye" (Jen). My eyes never stop patrolling the scene as I walk the dogs around the block. Wait. Is he a real landscaper or is that an earpiece I see? I pull the dogs in closer and hurry my pace. We make it back to the compound. The dogs are safe. At least until the next walk.

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