Saturday, July 26

You can learn from TV

You know how lawyers (on TV, anyway) threaten to make someone "go blind from paperwork" as a deterrent to sending a case to trial? Well, I thought that was just a saying, a little lawyerly hyperbole. But no. I feel like I'm losing my sight after doing my filing tonight. I knew I had let things slip a little, but apparently I haven't filed anything since January. Do you know how much paper you acquire in six months? Do you know how much paper I acquire in six months? I'm not estimating the number of trees felled for my junk, but it's a lot of pulp, people.

(And, on a side note, yes, I just revealed that I spent my Friday night filing. Someone called me earlier and discovered that I was also spending my Friday with Trading Spaces and sewing. Yes, I can sew. Shut it.)

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