Saturday, July 19

Split personality

I was meeting my mom and sister at the mall today for lunch when I was completely suckered by a French salesman. I'm ashamed to admit it, but somehow he managed to talk me into buying nail care products. As many of you may suspect, I don't do my nails. I'm just not that girly. Today, however, I may just as well have giggled and worn a bow in my f-ing hair, because I totally let him charm me out of my money. It was pathetic. It was over the top. I mean, he even used the classic "you can't be that old" line. How obvious was that?

To counterbalance this wretched girlishness, I went to see Bad Boys II and thoroughly enjoyed every poorly scripted word, every gratuitous shot of T&A, and all the hot cars, chase scenes, explosions, and shoot-outs that I could stomach. (I also enjoyed the preview for SWAT -- I can't wait to see Colin Farrell and Michelle Rodriguez blow some shit up.)

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