Sunday, July 20

She works hard for the money

Or in this case, for the bookshelf. Behold, for I have taken lowly pieces of wood and transformed them into a bookshelf. There was a lot of swearing, a lot of sweating, and a lot of misplaced tools. (Can anyone tell me why, when you put your screwdriver down right in front of you, it manages to end up somewhere else entirely the next time you need it?) It's a lovely piece of work, and after much measuring and deliberation, I found a spot to put it. However, when I went to jimmy that bad boy into place, it wouldn't fit. I measured again. Yes, it should fit. More angling and straightening, but no go. I finally had to get on top of another piece of furniture and hoist it into place. Then I stood back, looked at it with my head cocked, and decided it didn't go there.

The bookshelf has been stashed in the "exercise"/storage room until I reconfigure my entire life to find a place for it.

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