Wednesday, August 20

Damn, I'm old

I wanted to post a link to my very first homepage on its birthday. I'm thinking this all month long. I'm saying to myself, "Remember to check and see what day you first created your site, and on that day, put a link to that beat first page. That page you labored over in Dreamweaver -1.0 for hours. The one where you picked a blue background that was so ugly you wonder now if you suffered temporary color blindness in 2001. The one where you made vague in-jokes to obscure 16th-century poetry. You must remember to do that."

I didn't. My site turned two on Aug. 16 and all I remembered to do on that day was to have my car break down and then to accidentally republish my entire f-ing blog. So, now I'm remembering and now you get the link.