Friday, August 22

The most wonderful time of the year

... is not now, although I am enjoying the playoff push in the WNBA (I'd enjoy it more if it were actually televised). New York has two more games to decide whether or not it makes it to the playoffs. With a squeaker win against Washington last night, the Liberty are sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference. They have to face Indiana at home tonight (and Indiana is not quite out of the picture yet), and then Charlotte on the road. Vickie Johnson, the Liberty's leading scorer since Becky Hammon tore her ACL, sprained her ankle last night. Elena Baranova stepped up her game to lead the team with 19 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists. I'm so tense about these next two games, maybe it's best that I can't watch them on TV.

(I was going to use this post to bitch about the weather and how it affects me this time of the year, and then more bitching about how work gets all fired up and I'm still sluggish after vacation, but I got caught up in the WNBA action. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe this is the most wonderful time of the year ... except for March Madness, of course.)

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