Saturday, August 23

Out of range

I used my cell phone for the first time today (to call another cell phone), and it was this strange, voyeuristic experience. For once, the question "what are you doing?" wasn't to be answered with "talking to you, idiot." It was this window on my life and my friend's. I was in my car (stopped! I swear!) testing out my cell phone reception on my way home from a movie. My friend was pulling weeds. My question was why would you carry your cell phone with you, outside, to pull weeds? Clearly, it was to receive a call from me.

I don't know what made it more real than regular calls on regular land-lines, but I felt more connected somehow. It reminded me of when a blogger posts a picture of his workstation on his site -- suddenly, I have context.

All this hasn't won me over to the dark side of cell phone use. I still have 10 days left to return the thing and pretend like none of this ever happened.

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