Wednesday, October 8

The hostess with the ...

Completely empty refrigerator. Yup, that's right, I finally got a member of my family to come to The City and stay with me, and I was totally unprepared. We ordered out for pizza (but it was from Bella Luna, so you know that was a good time) and watched the Trading Spaces 100 Grand. It was strange but nice -- it was my older sister (by five years) and typically I go to her house for things (because, well, she has her own house, people). She cooks and makes sure there are "appetizers" and dessert (she makes a kick-ass oatmeal scotchie). The whole experience made me feel ... grown-up, yet at the same time, unprepared for such adult activities. It wasn't until Jen commented on how nice my sister was that it really hit me: I don't fight with my sisters anymore (okay, not much anyway). We've reached that elusive stage where we've become ... friends.

That's some freaky shit, people. Don't let it happen to you.

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