Thursday, October 9

Things have never been so swell

I finally purchased a copy of Nirvana, and as I hoped/feared, I am enjoying it immensely. I will admit that when Nirvana was first popular (you know, when I was young), I didn't like them because, well, because everyone else did. (You may not have noticed, but I can be a little immature at times. This resentment of things that everyone else deems "amazing" has also led to a lifelong hatred of anything touched by Woody Allen and the movie The Usual Suspects.)

Perhaps I'm only now ready for Nirvana. I've found myself liking angry music more and more in my dotage, and I'm confounded as to why. I was a fairly angry teen (though that anger lent itself to causes like feminism, animal rights, and rooting for any doomed-to-fail Democrat running for office), but my friends tended to think me more bitter than pissed off. I'm still bitter (and still pissed off), but I don't think you can truly understand impotent rage until you have to go to work every single f-ing day. (Okay, and driving in Boston traffic helps, too.)

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