Friday, October 3

A mixed bag

In honor of my scattered thought processes tonight, I give you a blog with no cohesive theme. (Yeah, like that's unusual for me).

First, I love my readers. Steve sent me a logo to iron on the back of my Blogger sweatshirt. (You all remember Steve from the great quinoa controversy of 2003.) If I can actually get the color to print right, it will look like my banner. And I think everyone should have at least one article of clothing that says my name and "Every day an adventure in mediocrity."

Second, I almost did the Friday Five today, as it relates to cars and I love cars. But I think all the answers have been posted to this blog already -- you all know I drive a beat Saturn for which I have an odd fondness, and I think we all know that if I could have any car I wanted it would either be an Eclipse (red, baby, yeah) or a Maserati (silver? red? Tough call). These are cars I would put out for. And you can't make me feel bad about that.

Third, I blame my scatteredness on two things: I spent the evening cleaning my apartment as I'm going to be gone for most of the weekend (and the visitors are coming! the visitors are coming!). And in the middle of the great sweeping extravaganza, he-who-shall-not-be-named called and threw me completely off my game. Ever notice how normally you present yourself as a reasonably sane and intelligent human being and other times you're a complete ninny? Yeah. Ninny. Big time.

BloggerCon tomorrow, bright and early. I must to bed.

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