Saturday, October 4

Smoking in the boys' room

Today was day one of BloggerCon, and it was a wild ride. First, the men definitely outnumbered the women. How could I tell? For once in my life, there was no line for the ladies' room. However, I did have to pass by the gauntlet of men waiting patiently. Second, the style of commenting definitely lent itself to the more ... masculine personality, let's say. Women tend not to like to interrupt (I'd point to some cool sociological study that backs me up, but I'm too tired to look for it. Just trust me on this one), but the men didn't let that hold them back from saying what was on their mind. Finally, one woman just busted out and said her piece, sans microphone. I was very proud. (I just made comments under my breath to Stone, who was hanging out in the back of the room with me.)

Lots of cool things were discussed and I have never been allowed to talk about blogging so much and so freely with people who didn't immediately have a panicked, "please god, get me out of here" look on their faces when the word "blog" left my mouth. It was also cool to meet a wide variety of the blogosphere, including Erin, Sooz, Shannon, Jason Goldman of Blogger fame, Lis, and Roland, as well as to run into Halley in the bathroom and to see Adam Curry up close and personal (what an '80s flashback that was).

As promised, I have pages of handwritten notes, but there is no way in hell I'm posting them now. Major kudos (and a happy birthday) to Wendy for a job well done.

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