Sunday, October 5

Take 2

BloggerCon day 2 had some ... interesting moments. I hit the Blogging 101 session because I wanted to see what newbies are asking (and I can't believe it, but I don't remember what it was like when I was but a young blogging lass, lo, those nine months ago). Then we sat in on some interesting discussion of the technology and use of audioblogging, and then it was Winer's turn to wrap things up. At some point during the last session, we were all led in a sing-along of "Born to Be Wild" accompanied by an accordion. This is not your father's BloggerCon!

I've got lots more thoughts to share (like next year, I would like to see some vendors there ... and I don't care what Dave says, but it was basically "all Radio, all the time" without other providers present), but I have a guest coming so I'll have to post more later. Hopefully.

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