Saturday, December 13

Chivalry is not dead

It is alive and kicking in West Roxbury. I'm as feminist as the next girl (okay, maybe a trifle more so), but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate when a man does something for a woman because he knows it's just easier for him than for her. (And, of course, doing said task without condescension is key.) It's just so ... sweet. And I appreciate when women do the same thing -- like when Jen chops parsley for me. Of course I can chop parsley, but chopping parsley is easy for Jen whereas I die a thousand deaths trying to chop that crap right. So when she offers to do it for me, it makes me happy and not grumpy and it makes me want to give her stuff.

Since the guy at Ace Auto Glass wouldn't let me give him anything, I dedicate this post to him. And I strongly encourage you, my thousands of faithful readers, to go to Ace if you ever need, well, glass.

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