Friday, December 12

For kids from 1 to 92

I had an incident at Target last night. I was accompanying my friend Leigh because I had a few things to pick up, and Leigh and I make a good shopping couple. I obtained the items in question, and then I found it: The Christmas decorations aisle. Now, normally, I'm not a gung-ho decorator. It's not my thing. But I love Christmas trees. I used to sit in my darkened living room and just look at the lights on the tree.

Since I've lived with Jen, we haven't had a Christmas tree. Jen's allergic to pine (we think) and Sam likes to chew, well, everything -- including, but not limited to, trees. Last night, I decided I needed a baby Christmas tree (fake, of course). And what does a baby Christmas tree need? Yes, that's right, baby Christmas tree ornaments. And baby garland. And baby lights. And baby candy canes. And a little tiny baby star to put on top. I kind of lost it in the Target, people.

Then I rushed home to decorate my tree, stringing the garland all the way around the tree and hanging ornaments (even in the back!). And then I sat in my dark living room and just looked at my tree.

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