Sunday, December 7

Dude, where's my car?

Okay, so remember yesterday when I was gleefully staying inside and enjoying our lovely blizzard? Yeah, the merriment ended today when I realized that, eventually, I was going to have to leave my home and go to work. Which means I need my car. Which means I needed to find my car underneath all that damn snow. Since I'm the lucky one who gets to park next to the house, there was a large avalanche on the side of my car, making it difficult to merely back out from underneath the dune. I had to ask my neighbor to move his car so I wouldn't hit it while my car slid sideways instead of back. There was a lot of rocking, a lot of shoveling, and a lot of cursing.

And now, yay. I can go to work in the morning. Actually, the best thing about the whole ordeal was that, when I returned to the comfort of my home, the Pats had clinched the AFC East title by shutting out the Dolphins. There is joy in Jenville again.

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