Saturday, December 6

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It's not like we can stop it, so we might as well embrace the mounds of snow raining down on Boston today. I'm going to show the snow what's what by staying my ass inside, drinking hot beverages, and watching DVDs. Sometimes, you just got to let the weather know who's boss. And it's not like I wanted to go Christmas shopping anyway....

Update: Okay, so I didn't stay entirely inside. I tested out my new boots (finally!) and made with the multiple layers to take my turn at shoveling the walk/driveway of my triple decker. Jen and I make an excellent shoveling team and I really longed for a digital camera this afternoon, as we made quite the snow-covered, rosy-cheeked pair after we'd been at the shoveling for awhile. Luckily, my upstairs neighbor had already made one pass at it, so we didn't have to shovel all 12,000 pounds of snow that has been dumped on Boston since last night. Once back safely inside, I discovered that watching barrel racing on TV was the perfect winter afternoon activity. Who knew?

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