Friday, December 5

Getting carded

I finally bought my Christmas-holiday-seasonal-what-the-f-ever cards last night. I'm very picky about the cards I buy because, frankly, I'm just picky in general and I demand a certain aesthetic from my cards (it's all about the simple silver and white, people). But, in addition to the silver-on-white demands, I also need cards that are sufficiently non-denominational, because not only am I a nonbeliever, I'm sure that some of my friends are too -- or they're Jewish or Buddhist or Unitarian or what have you. Religious beliefs are not something I like to discuss, so I operate on a need-to-know basis with all my friends. And, mostly, I do not need to know. So I play it safe with "Happy holidays" or "Season's greetings" and I ship the damn things out to all that are near and dear to me. (So if you don't get one this year -- I guess we're not that close.)

Sending cards, I admit, is old-fashioned. And expensive. And time-consuming. But it's the one time a year I allow myself to actually write to my friends using, you know, like a pen and stuff. And, somewhere, deep down, in places I don't like to talk about at parties, I enjoy it.

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