Thursday, December 11


Okay, I admit it. I've been wanting to see Gigli since it first came out. 1) I have a thing for Ben Affleck. (Don't question these things, just accept.) 2) I have a thing for J-Lo. (Her hotness goes without saying.) So, despite its rapid removal from theaters, I was convinced that the movie couldn't actually be that bad.

And I was right. I still maintain that Le Divorce was worse. Of course, that's not saying much. I laughed a lot through Gigli -- just not when I was supposed to. Ben was horrible. J-Lo was horrible. The script was horrible. It was, in sum, all bad. But I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Because it delivered wretched, campy goodness in a way that few movies ever have. Sure, Showgirls tried, but ultimately failed. So, rent Gigli if you dare. And if only so you can say, "It's turkey time," to random strangers and then laugh hysterically.

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