Wednesday, December 31

Happy new year

I'm starting off the new year right: with disease and misery. It can only get better from here. I don't know how I thought I was going to evade sickness since all around me were ill, but I held some foolish hope that I would actually get to enjoy my vacation.

Alas, no. I've spent most of the day petulantly saying, "I don't feel good." When I'm conscious, at least -- when I'm sleeping, I keep having weird dreams about balancing my checkbook and being on While You Were Out (Cold).

I had planned to do a "Best of 2003" list for today, but I'm practically incoherent. Here's what I can remember:
Best books: Family History, by Dani Shapiro; Wolves of the Calla, by Stephen King
Best CD: Audioslave, by Audioslave (damn, I love that CD)
Best TV show I discovered this year by accident: 24
Best TV show I've been watching off and on for awhile and finally got hooked: Angel
Best sports moment(s): BC squeaking into the Sweet Sixteen; the Detroit Shock take the WNBA title from the LA Sparks
Best movie: It was a pretty fucking thin year, but I'll go with the two that made me smile the most: Bend it Like Beckham, and Love Actually
Best life-altering moment: Starting my blog on Jan. 15

May 2004 truly kick our asses.

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