Thursday, January 1

To start at the very beginning

I decided not to blog today. I didn't have anything to write about; I've been sick, and thusly spent most of my day in bed, either sleeping or watching my new West Wing DVDs. Watching them reminds me what a mad genius Aaron Sorkin is and that I can never really hope to write anything half as good. Such observations tend to make me more than reluctant to write anything -- birthday message or blog -- let alone publish it for the world (or my handful of readers) to see.

I surfed as usual, though, and I realized I wanted a post stamped with today's date. I wanted to be able to look back a year from now and read what I was thinking about today. Which made me question how I use my blog -- is it becoming more journal-like than I originally intended? Is that okay? Do I need to define my blog better? Do I need to shut the hell up?

I really don't know. Luckily, I'm okay with lingering questions. It's a quirk of mine.

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