Sunday, January 18

The grass is happy, and I think so am I

What a day. I hit MI:5 on DVD only to discover that not only is it a great show, but apparently the Brits actually have one-hour shows that last one hour. Then, my boys stick it to Indy and make travel arrangements for a trip to Houston. I've asked them to bring me back a ring as a souvenir. Then, amidst all my jumping up and down and ceremonious donning of my Pats t-shirt, I make yummy dinner (who knew lentil shepherd's pie could be so good? I think the secret is the Worcestershire sauce). And the crowning moment of glory: The L-Word debuts on Showtime and holy mother of god, but they actually showed realistic lesbian sex on TV. Oh, yeah, and the plots were kinda okay. Katherine Moennig is now my girlfriend, much as Evan Farmer is my boyfriend. (I tried to say that Tom Brady was my boyfriend today, but my roommate was having none of it. She claimed him as her own. That's okay. I'll take Ty Law or Adam Vinatieri. I'm not picky.)

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