Tuesday, January 20

My life is a B-movie

I spent most of yesterday watching movies, which is the perfect thing to do on your day off. I started out with The American President, because I hadn't seen it yet even though I am cheap for Aaron Sorkin, and hey, it was On Demand. (I have quickly become an OnDemand ho, by the way. I may never leave my house again.) It was cute and funny, but I was sad to discover that by watching the film, I have now seen everything that Sorkin's produced. I was also somewhat amused to discover that he lifted entire lines from the American President and reproduced them in the West Wing.

Then I moved on to an actual theater and saw Big Fish with Leigh. It was also cute and funny, but in a surreal, lush, brightly colored yet hazy way. Ewan McGregor was wonderful, and why did no one tell me Billy Crudup was so damn ... chiseled? On the whole, the movie seemed a toned-down version of Tim Burton's usual fantastical, creepy, yet ultimately sweet look on life. And I mean that in a good way.

I finished my night off by suffering through My Beautiful Laundrette, which for some reason, is billed as a good movie. It is not. It is practically incoherent, which I could have handled if I had cared about any of the characters. Which I didn't. Even Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't pull it out of the muck.

I'm Jen Garrett, and I'll see you ... at the movies.

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