Friday, January 2

I drink from the keg of glory

BC faced Villanova in its first real test of the season (sure, we lost to George Washington already, but we shouldn't have). Jen couldn't take the pressure as the two teams traded baskets and I practically hyperventillated throughout the second half. She suggested that perhaps I needed to be slightly less invested in the game when I mentioned that I couldn't feel my hands anymore. (I don't really need to worry until I can no longer feel my feet.)

BC took the lead for good after a 3-pointer from Jacobs with a little over three minutes left in the second half. Though Jacobs lead in scoring, it was really a team effort: Deveny grabbed 11 boards, Aja Parham came up big with 4 steals, and Droesch provided a much-needed defensive spark off the bench. It was a great game to watch. (Even if I almost lost it several times.) Was my favorite moment when Jacobs nailed the desperation 3-pointer with the shot clock winding down? Or was it the "I'm going to do this just because I can" 3-pointer that she floated in as the clock wound down on the game? Tough to say.

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