Tuesday, March 16

Absolutely brilliant

Last night, I took another foray into my local CVS (it's becoming an addiction, people), but this time I was on a very specific mission. I would not be sidetracked; I would not buy shit I did not need. I went in, I grabbed what I needed, and then I made a serious tactical error: I walked down the beauty products aisle to get to the cash register. I grabbed some lotion I needed (girls always need more lotion), and then I saw it: John Frieda's new Brilliant Brunette line of products.

Now, I'd heard an ad for this a few weeks ago and had seriously considered it. I've used his line of products for blondes before (there was this shimmering pomade ... I had really short hair ... shit happens, okay?) and was generally satisfied. I was really just excited by the idea that they would make something specifically for women with brown hair -- because, you know, we have less fun. So I did it: I bought the Satin Shine finishing creme. I kinda like it. I don't think my hair looks like satin now, but it is really soft. And I feel radiant. Yeah.

Speaking of brilliant, I recieved my new issue of Women's Basketball magazine last night, and BC's Amber Jacobs was profiled inside. See previous post for extreme feelings of joy, pride, etc.

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