Wednesday, March 17

Old man winter

He's not done with us yet. And I don't think he'll be happy until I'm bent and bitter just like he is. I got up an hour early this morning to shovel snow. I don't get up an hour early for anything I enjoy, let alone back-breaking work like snow removal. (And let's face it, it's not removal, it's just displacement. It's not like we export it to Canada or something. We just stick on the edge of our driveways or on top of dead gardens.) Also, I'm convinced that there is, in actuality, no good way to shovel. Lift with you legs, my ass. I'm hauling around 7 inches of snow, some of which has been packed down quite nicely, and there is no amount of knee-bending that is going to keep this from not killing every weird muscle group that I had thankfully forgotten existed since the last time it snowed.

But, on the bright side, I'm puppy-sitting today. I currently have a 4-lb. Chihuahua standing on my arms. Sure, it makes it a little bit more difficult to type, but she's so cute.

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