Thursday, March 11

Flirting with disaster

Upon my return home from an enjoyable evening at the Cheesecake Factory, I find myself pondering something. Is there some strange waiter school out there that teaches men how to flirt with the female customer? Where do people learn these things?

I'm really not flirtatious by nature -- in fact, I'm not sure if I could flirt even if I wanted to. So when a waiter tries to engage me in what I clearly recognize as coquettish behavior, I usually just respond with a smile and a "Can I have another Coke?" Which is not to say I don't appreciate the attempts. I do. They definitely make me feel better about the insane quantity of mashed potatoes I just snarfed down as though wolves were trying to steal the plate from me, as well as the slice of lemon-raspberry cheesecake I'm about to order. I'm just saying: Where did they learn this? And where do I sign up?

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