Thursday, March 11

Back in action

No, I have not drifted off into some BC-won-the-Big-East-championship-induced euphoria (though it was close there for awhile). I was merely writing other things. You know, like articles for work. Because they actually pay me.

To better focus my concentration on the task at hand, I worked from home. Basically, I didn't leave my house for the better part of 24 hours, giving me very little to blog about. (Unless y'all want a peek inside the writer's mind whilst she works? It goes a little something like this: Jesus god in heaven, I'm a bad writer. That is the worst lead ever created in the history of man. If this were the only printed material left on the planet after a catastrophic nuclear event, I still wouldn't read it. Why do I do this? God, I'm a bad writer. Why didn't I become a carpenter? I like wood. If I could write as well as BC played basketball this week, I'd be rich now. I still can't believe they beat UConn and won the championship. Jesus, I'm a bad writer. The structure of that sentence is just horrific.)

I'm back in the saddle again, but I still have little to blog about. I'm doing it anyway because apparently my absence has caused some distress.

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