Tuesday, March 23

Free form

Today I visited the college archives, which are just so cool because they have to buzz you in and you can't bring in pens only pencils and you can only touch the photographs if you're wearing these little white gloves and they have the most amazing photographs and why don't we use sepia anymore because it made everyone so much prettier or maybe everyone was just prettier back then, I don't know, but I do know that I love the archives because it's full of random old stuff that you didn't know which reminds me of a really good book, what was it called, it was about an archivist, oh yeah it was called The Archivist and it was really measured and slow and beautiful and full of interesting ideas about words and books and writers and what portion of the interior life of a writer the public is entitled to know, if any, and I'm such a dork because I love books about books and writing and poetry, which is probably why I loved Possession because the English major in me wants to travel back in time and discover some amazing letters that explain so much about a poet I love except I want to say that I don't need more than the writing itself, the writing itself is enough, it should be enough and sometimes it is, but the letters between Shelby Foote and Walker Percy were so wonderful, so nuanced, and I loved reading all of them and I just wish that Walker could have written at least one other book as good as The Moviegoer but I haven't found it, and I keep trying to make time to read every night, every night I go home and try to finish the last 20 pages of The Interpreter of Maladies but basketball is on and Lahiri can be so detached, so cold, but I really want to finish it so I can start another book, so I can put another book on my currently reading list, and is it wrong to want to read merely so I can update my blog?

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