Tuesday, March 23

Why I do what I do

BC is my team. I have been a proud season-ticket holder for the last three years (blame Pam, she works there), and have rarely missed a game. I have other teams that I like (Tennessee, Texas, any team that beats UConn), but if it comes down to it, I'm rooting for the Eagles. My dad e-mailed this morning to remind me that both he and my mother are proud OSU graduates, and I should have a little respect.

I want to state here: I have lots of respect for OSU. I also really respect the pounding my team gave them last night. I mean, it's not like I went to BC. (I don't know what I'd do if Wellesley played anywhere near the same league as BC. Luckily, we're DIII and proud of it.) In sports, much as in life, some things just ... are. I am a BC women's basketball fan. (My roommate might add "complete lunatic and way too over-enthusiastic fan," but what have you.)

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