Sunday, March 14

Needed: One kitchen minion

Okay, you want to know what sucks about being single? (Aside from lack of booty.) Cooking. Cooking sucks when you're single. Tonight, like most Sundays in my life since I decided to start cooking for myself, I had to chop. And dice, and mince, and all that other stupid crap that goes along with making food. I sauteed, I simmered, I sliced, I diced. I was a fucking machine, okay? My reward is I get to eat aforementioned yummy food. Yay! And it's all mine! As are all the damn dishes waiting to be washed. To top it all off, once I scoured all the diced basil bits off the cutting board, and wiped down the counters, and generally tidied the kitchen -- then I had to take the damn trash out myself.

It's gone too far, people. This independence crap is for the birds. I need a minion. Now.

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