Tuesday, March 9

We are the champions

BC won the Big East title for the first time ever. They also made tournament history, as they are the first team (men or women's) to win the title after playing four straight games. And, quite simply, they kicked major ass. They faced a tough Miami team in their second game, stunned UConn in their third, and then put away a battered Rutgers team tonight. Amber Jacobs lead the scoring against Rutgers with 22 points; she also had 2 boards and 3 assists in her last game in the Big East. Jess Deveny rightfully earned tournament MVP; she had 20 points and 7 boards against Rutgers tonight. Jacobs and freshman Kathrin Ress were also named to the All-Tournament team for kicking ass and taking names for the last four games.

I'm just so ridiculously happy about it all. Jen said, "It's not like you to be this happy," and it's true, people. Let the March Madness begin: BC is going to the Big Dance.

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