Tuesday, April 20

Expletive deleted

I spent Marathon Monday as god intended: in front of the television. Let those other wackos run in the 80+ heat. I've got a game to watch (We won! Have I mentioned the Yankees suck?), some runners to cheer on from the couch (Catherine the Great had a scary finish), and about five episodes of the new HBO series, Deadwood, to catch up on.

Deadwood is good times, people. It's filling in some gaps in my life. Like my need for people who actually swear more than I do. I haven't found anyone in the real world yet, but the folks of Deadwood can't let a minute pass without say "cocksucker." Don't know why it's the expletive of choice, but I'm going with it. I'm a fan of "fuck" myself, and luckily, they use that a lot, too. Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock immediately caught my eye when he took off his shirt, but really Keith Carradine as Bill Hickok is my favorite. Who doesn't love a tortured gunfighter? Plus, he's the brother of David Carradine, who stopped me in Kill Bill, Vol. 2 this weekend. I've apparently got a weird thing going for the Carradine brothers. It happens.

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