Sunday, April 18

A little more of the ultraviolence

Despite the fine weather today, I headed indoors to see Kill Bill, Vol. 2. (This after I snapped at my innocent mother. I'm in fine form, people. Stay away.) I needed a little killing to polish off my weekend, and Tarantino is never one to disappoint.

I was a little distressed by the sheer quantity of teenage boys who showed up, but it's a testament to how good the movie was that they all shut up from opening credits to the last shot. This volume houses the emotional heart of the movie, and I'm sure when all is said and done on DVD, we'll see this as one long movie instead of two. This portion takes less boyish glee in the ultraviolence than the first one, and on the whole, I enjoyed it more -- more storyline, better dialogue, and violence that I had to watch through my shirt instead of the violence that I laughed my way through in the first movie. (And I am not squeamish, but damn.) Michael Madsen was excellent as Budd (he quietly stole the movie, if you ask me), and David Carradine was an inspiration as Bill -- I couldn't help but love and hate him at the same time. The soundtrack, as usual with QT, was stellar -- and for some reason, I enjoyed it more than the first one, but I may just need to review both in one sitting. I can't wait until I can watch both films together.

Maybe I'll watch Reservoir Dogs again. I'm kinda in the mood.

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