Tuesday, April 13

A little assistance, please

It's raining again. And I hate everything. In a time-honored tradition, I turned to my iTunes to help me out of my funk, but as I looked through my music library, I realized all my music was either mellow/depressing or angry. (Apparently, I only have the two moods. Currently, "(I Hate) Everything About You" is going through my headphones. You see?)

Plus, I have good reason to be disgruntled. College basketball season is over, and I have nothing to do with my life except twiddle my thumbs and have weird dreams about the WNBA draft. And Netflix sent me a message this morning saying that they no longer have Chariots of Fire so if I finally want to watch the Oscar-winning classic film, I'll have to fucking find it myself on AMC or some such shit. They pulled the same thing with Raging Bull, which is fine, really, because who wants to see Robert De Niro in one of his defining roles? Just because I had a little crush on him after Heat is no reason to think this will be a great movie. I'm sure it'll be a disappointment just like Scarface. (Though seeing the 'fro on Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was well worth the price of admission. If I were going to a theater. Which I wouldn't have, since I was all of 7 when the movie came out. I digress.)

The point is, I need some happy music. I need something that won't make me want to kill myself or someone else. I need suggestions, people. Work with me.

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