Wednesday, April 14

Retail therapy

Yesterday, Boston had some seriously bad chi, man. I wasn't the only one in an extremely foul mood. I threw off the black cloud by spending serious money on CDs that I didn't need. I came home with Blender by the Murmurs, Educated Guess by Ani DiFranco, and Come Clean by Puddle of Mud. All of which made me extremely happy.

I went against my request for non-angry music and cranked up the Puddle of Mud on the drive home. "Control" is definitely my favorite tune, followed closely by "She Hates Me." Oh, such good times to be had driving too fast and screaming along. I couldn't get the Murmurs with the suggested "You Suck" song, but I'm enjoying what I've got. Perhaps someday, I will acquire more. (Who the hell am I kidding? I probably won't make it until May before I buy more CDs. I have a problem, people.)

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