Tuesday, October 5

And so it begins

Yes, BJG fans, it's October, and the Sox are in the hunt. You know what that means: Lucky pigtails, lucky socks, lucky underwear, and anything else I can do to help my boys out. Tonight, I didn't have to do much: Schilling and the boys killed the Angels, and the Sox take the 1-0 lead in the series. Can I take a moment to mention how much I f-ing love Curt Schilling? There are no words, people, no words.

I should also mention that these 4 o'clock games are bullshit. I work until 4:30! I have to drive home! I had to listen to Millar's 2-run homer on the radio. Now, say what you will about cell phones and driving, but listening to a play-off game while driving is 800 times more dangerous. I'm lucky I didn't take out half of Rt. 9 with all the fist-pounding, goat-throwing, and general celebratory gestures I was making while attempting to steer. Tomorrow's game is at 10, so you're all safe. For now.

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