Wednesday, October 6

[Insert uncomfortable silence here]

I know I haven't run out of things to say. I never run out of things to say. But somehow, I feel like I've run out of things I want to talk about. The presidential election? Unbearably important. So important that I can't speak of it without getting a slight heart arrhythmia. I even watched the debates, despite the fact that I made up my mind about Bush four years ago. The Sox? Well, I won't shut up about them, but I'm about to reach that paranoid-I-can't-jinx-this phase in which I may inexplicably clam up. My life? Well, kind of boring as usual. I haven't even been to the movies in weeks. My family? My little sister is moving to Florida, and I definitely don't want to talk about that. (Fine, you want to know? I got to try to calm her fears about moving far away while trying not to cry at the thought of her moving far away. Guaranteed not good times.) Maybe I should just post pictures of kittens.

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