Saturday, December 11

I'd come up with a snappy title but it's raining

Much like Sarah, I see no reason to leave the house this weekend. Sure, I have no food, but I have enough Mountain Dew to get me through the weekend, so I'll be fine. I really just can't bear to face the evil holiday crowds, despite the fact that I haven't bought even half of my gifts yet. How 'bout instead of buying presents this year, everyone just gives each other the gift of staying at home and not braving the vile malls and even more vile parking lots? No? Okay.

I did manage to drag myself from the comfy home and twinkling Christmas lights to go see BC pummel UNH today. UNH gave us a few scares in the first half, but as usual, BC pulled away in the second. Jessalyn Deveny's 23 points and 9 boards led the team, and she entered into the elite realm of players with 1,000 points and 500 boards. At 5'9, she's the shortest player in BC history to do so. I don't know what we're going to do without her next year, though freshman Shamika Jackson just keeps looking better and better on the court.

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