Thursday, December 9

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a Christmas tree in my living room. As I may have mentioned, Jen and I don't do trees for fear of the Sam-chewing that might ensue. Apparently, Pam has no fear of this, because she snuck into our apartment whilst Jen and I toiled at work and did her elfin magic with a small Christmas tree. It's fabulous. I love it. My favorite part of the holidays is turning off all the lights and just looking at the tree lit up. And now I can do it at my own house! It pays to have a roommate with a rockin' girlfriend.

To keep the holiday theme going, I put in the Babs' Christmas Album (the only one I'll listen to), rocked it out to some Jingle Bells, and wrapped up the gift for my holiday party today. And then, to make it even more fun, I got to rip off a Christmas song and make it into a poem-clue to my identity. I'm feeling the holiday spirit, people. I'm feeling it.

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