Saturday, January 8

A near-perfect Saturday

1:44 Phone call wakes me up. I love caller ID. Good conversation ensues for 45 minutes.
2:30 Accidently fall back asleep.
3:04 Wake up, realize it's 3 p.m. and I'm pathetic. Drag sorry ass to shower.
3:36 Roommate announces intention of making me molasses spice crackles. I love my roommate.
3:37 Roommate makes sure that I know the UConn-Tennessee game started at 2.
3:37:02 FUCK! I did not realize that. Rush to television set and scramble to find appropriate channel. Goddammit, the Vols are down 6.
3:46 Fuckityfuckfuck, the Vols are down 9.
3:47 Put on lucky basketball socks.
3:52 I can't feel my fingers and I can't stop rocking. C'mon, comeback time, ladies. Comeback!!
4:07 Nooooooo! Do not foul when there are 3 seconds left! 3 seconds!!!
4:09 Yes! Ann Strother chokes like the Yankees! First Tennessee win in four years! Eat this, Geno!
4:12 Once I regain feeling in my fingers, ask roomie if she wants to watch some OC with me. She consents.
4:47 Roommate gets choked up by episode of the OC. I am the master. The MASTER.
5:36 Cookie dough is chilled, time for a little rollin'.
6:02 Cookies are actually heaven. Heaven, I say.
6:27 Eat dinner. Follow-up with baked Cheetos. I love the baking people.
6:52 Peruse cookbooks with roomie. Decide I hate cooking yet again.
7:45 Watch more OC.
8:36 Watch more OC.
9:15 Check out Trading Spaces. I hate Christie Proctor.
9:17 More OC.
10:00 New MI-5 on A&E. I love A&E. I love Tom Quinn. Do I love Tom Quinn more than I love Seth Cohen? Debate issue during commercials.
10:16 Tea! Tea is very British, and I can pretend that I have an accent whilst I debate the Tom/Seth love triangle.
10:17 Cookies go very well with tea.
10:52 Tom does have a gun. And he's tortured! Doesn't that give him an edge over Seth?
10:57 How can I wait until next week for more Tom Quinn?
11:07 Put on my new Rachael Yamagata. Damn this is a good CD.
11:23 Blog.

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