Thursday, February 17

Dive right in

Last night, it came: My first-ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I was excited, but a little embarrassed too. It was soft-core porn, yet the word "sports" still adorned the cover, so it was okay. I mean, athletes were involved, for chrissakes. Jennie Finch? She's an amazing softball player. Lauren Jackson? A WNBA MVP. Venus Williams? Well, she used to play a mean tennis game.

And, much like Playboy, I was clearly reading it for the articles. Except there were maybe two articles. And they weren't particularly interesting. And the photos weren't particularly great, either. However, this issue did include model trading cards. That's right, I said, model trading cards. Which clearly makes this all very sporting like. Who'll trade me a Frankie Rayder for a Bridget Hall?

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