Friday, February 18

Seriously now

Is it time to upgrade to my very own domain name? I've been doing this for awhile now, and while I love my beat Angelfire site, don't I need a slightly more serious URL for all this mediocrity? Wouldn't you all prefer to go to for your daily dose of nothingness? Or perhaps you'd like the slightly more literal (and longer) Or am I a .net girl? And if I get my very own domain, don't I need to redesign my site, too? And in order to redesign, don't I need to learn CSS? And in order to learn CSS, don't I need time? These are the questions that try my soul, people.

All this questioning is brought to you by a wave of blog-type warm fuzzies that hit me this morning. I love that I've got readers from Boston to Australia to Singapore. I love that Sarah is dead-on in the 'Garrett watches and remembers bad movies.' And I love that this is a three-day weekend. (Okay, that last one had nothing to do with blogging.)

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