Friday, February 11

Shifting focus

I finally finished my blogging article. (Yeah, I know I started it in November, okay?) It's been a little strange (and really hard) to write about blogging like it's something new and unknown. Finding distance and perspective on something you do every day is tough work, people. I don't recommend it.

Hopefully, the article doesn't suck because I've got to shift gears into other things ... like tackling a Q&A with Barbara Goldsmith, the author of Obsessive Genius. Marie Curie was never one of my idols -- physics and chemistry really don't get me started in the morning -- but the book is really well-written and Goldsmith is smart. Curie said that "science has great beauty," and by the time Goldsmith was done writing the book, she said science was "like poetry" to her. Yeah. I'm not quite there yet.

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