Thursday, February 10

Where are we going? And why are we in this hand basket?

As a part of the not-straight society, I have certain rules that I have to live by. For instance: Make sure to mention women in a romantic sense at least once in a conversation while in a very public place. Extra points for saying things like: She's stacked! It's all part of visibility, people. Also, I just like saying, "She's stacked!"

In addition to opening my big mouth, if there is a lesbian, bisexual, or gay person anywhere on television, I am obligated to watch. Ellen, the L Word, the OC, Will & Grace -- I've watched 'em all. Because I have to. Which explains how I ended up watching Wife Swap last night. Which is a really bad show. A really, really bad show. But the wives in question were a Christian Texan with a freak-on for cleanliness and becoming "more excellent" (said with no irony, people), and a lesbian mom who just wanted to broaden some horizons. It was not good. And I'm kinda bummed that the lesbian broke down at the end. Be strong lesbian! Don't be sensitive lesbian! Jen and I were displeased, but we recognized that it's a lot easier to be strong on our couch in Massachusetts than in front of a "You're immoral"-spewing Christian in Texas.

Update: Apparently, lesbians are big during sweeps.

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