Saturday, March 19

The law of diminishing returns

I've been debating for the last several minutes on whether or not I should blog. I've been trying to stick to the idea that I should only blog when I have something to say, something to share, or some vaguely humorous non sequitur to insert into the universe.

Well, I have something to say, and it's only a trifle more inappropriate than what I usually write, so I'm going for it. I'm here to tell you the things no one else will. You know when exercise-loving freaks tell you that you're going to like it once you get into it? That's bullshit. They're trying to sucker you into their misery. It's always going to suck. You know why? When you're done, you're tired and sweaty. And there's only one activity worth that, and running on a treadmill ain't it. I'm also here to reveal this ugly, ugly truth, ladies: When you do finally buckle down and do that exercise/healthy eating crap that doctors and documentarians are always urging us to do, the girls are going to suffer. I went shopping today, and I spent an agony of time in the lingerie department before I finally gave into the truth and demoted myself a cup size.

Fuck this shit. Somebody get me some fries.

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