Sunday, March 20

Nothing but net

The women's tournament is finally underway, and we've got virtually non-stop coverage today. Which means I'm logging some serious couch time.

In the first game that I really cared about, BC beat Houston, 63-43. I expected a much closer game than that (as did everyone at ESPN), but BC came out of the gate on fire, led by senior Clare Droesch, who finished the game with a career-high 23 points. Lucky BC gets to advance to face #2 seed Duke on Tuesday. This will be a taste of things to come for BC fans, as next season BC joins the ACC.

Update: The published boxscores seem to be giving BC the win 65-43. While watching the game, the officials overturned a basket made by Emily Vogts in the last few seconds, claiming she didn't beat the shot clock. Anyone know if they changed their minds again? (Not that it matters, I'm just curious if this is crappy women's sports reporting, or an officiating change that happened off-screen.)

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