Tuesday, March 22

Wholly to be a fool

While spring is in the world, I am feeling the need for change, for something new and green and different. I want to clean my car, clean my house, clear my mind. I want to fly away, see something I've never seen before.

I'm taking steps. Steps have been taken to accomplish all these things. I'm heading off to Florida in four days, where hopefully there will be sunshine and baseball. I've signed up with one of those internet dating services (no, I will not tell you which one), and I feel ... okay about that. Mostly, it's made me realize just how hard it is to be charming all the time. I'm really not a charming person. Smiling makes my mouth tired. When do I get to scowl again? Perhaps I should wait until winter returns.

This is a half-assed response to this week's Fifty Words.

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