Monday, April 25


I have been inspired to create yet another infamous JenGarrett Top 5 list! (God, I love lists. They’re like crack.) Today, we shall analyze the life and times of Sean Penn, who went from whacked-out surfer dude to married to Madonna to Very Serious Actor in the span of two short decades.

Top 5 Sean Penn Movies of All Time:
1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Truly, just the portrait of a generation. And ordering pizza delivered to class has inspired potheads the world over.
2. 21 Grams. Could a movie get more depressing without actually causing me to slit my wrists at the end? I don’t see how. My god, what a performance by Penn and Naomi Watts.
3. Carlito’s Way. The first real indicator that Penn could, in fact, act. Stunning. Especially after Shanghai Surprise.
4. Dead Man Walking. The first movie to literally make me sob in the theater. Jesus.
5. U Turn. Now, people may question why I chose this instead of (the actually better movie) Mystic River. Well, here’s why: “Don’t that make you sad?” Penn answers, deadpan: “I’ve had time to get over it.” Plus, J-Lo.

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