Sunday, April 24

Lost in translation

I saw The Interpreter last night, and my main impression was how fucking hot Sean Penn has become. Maybe it's the wrinkles? The smoky voice? Whatever it is, he's come a long way from Spicoli. He gave the most interesting performance of the movie as a somewhat mysteriously tortured Secret Service guy who has to determine whether to protect Nicole Kidman or investigate her (like any good hot cop in a movie, he does a little of both). Nicole was surprisingly flat -- perhaps she was focusing on her accent a little too much, or maybe she just thought her character was supposed to be boring and lifeless. I really couldn't say. The plot was fairly thin, and the ending was not really surprising. (And it had yet another tacked-on "wrap-up" scene that I hate. Why do they do this crap?) So all in all, I don't recommend. Unless you're a Sean Penn aficionado. Or a masochist.

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